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Our mission

Wildcats unleashes 
(unexpected) entrepreneurs

About us 

Wildcats is a hunting ground of opportunities that enable small businesses to sell and purchase startup kits, entrepreneurial education and experience.

Our core mission is to empower young entrepreneurs to dream, support and launch businesses that bring profit impact globally.

A safe space for entrepreneurs

A platform where we can openly share ideas, seek advice, and make mistakes while receiving feedback and mentorship

A community for and by business owners

We foster growth and confidence in their entrepreneurial journey through the holistic entrepreneurial experience

Ambassadors for 

side hustlers

We believe that side hustles make up a huge chunk of  our personal life. We are here to make your side hustles hassle-free

Our values


Meet The Team

Our History

Screenshot 2023-08-07 at 6.54.07 PM.png

Reached +441% in follower growth, worked with over 7 brands, tapped 1000+ unique ideas all over SEA

In partnership with big brands, Wildcats helped organize and execute open innovation challenges, with young innovators all over chosen regions working on their ideas and submitting their work.


The top ideas are taken through our masterclasses in preparation for their pitches, with the top three winners having their business ideas launched.

Wildpaws NFT_KV_CROPPED-28.png

Democratising the NFT /

Blockchain world through

real-life shelter cats


By connecting reality and Web3, Wildpaws encouraged newbies to explore the NFT world through conventional payment methods.

Real cats from shelters across SEA went "virtual” and can be purchased as NFTs on the blockchain, providing a real-life biz model for digitizing real cats for adoption.

Launched with 2M total Tiktok views, 300k facebook reach, and 100k instagram reach


The communities we've built are all founded on the idea of unleashing Gen Z's potential in entrepreneurship.  From projects like HeyFutureMe, to social media communities like Gen Wild Stays Wild (Facebook) and Lift Me Up (Linkedin), we hope to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to achieve their best without losing their youthful playfulness in the world of the corporate.

Innovation Challenges

Web3 / Blockchain CSR

Community Engagement

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